Ashley Cooke signs a record deal with Big Loud Records

Ashley Cooke signed a deal with a Big Loud Records and Back Blocks. Photo credit: Instagram/theashleycooke
Ashley Cooke signed a deal with a Big Loud Records and Back Blocks. Photo credit: Instagram/theashleycooke

Ashley Cooke is stoked, and you can tell by her social media post that she recently shared on social media.

The talented singer/songwriter build a name for herself over a few months back as an independent artist where she has made a name for herself amassing loyal fanbase not only here in the US but across the globe with her beautiful, angelic voice that could easily “toa nyoka pangoni” as Swahili-speaking people around the world would generously put it. Trust me, if a Swahili-speaking person tells you this, he/she thinks the highest of you especially if you’re a singer.

With hit songs like ‘Never Til Now’, ‘Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night’, ‘Chasing You’ and her collaborative hit song ‘Good Goodbye’ together with Jimmie Allen will have you loving every other song she’s put out ever since she made the ultimate decision of becoming a singer.

Ashley Cooke has nothing but greatness ahead of her music career and her stars are starting to align. Looking at her impressive catalog you’d back me up on this premonition as well, she’s got everything she’s ever wanted now that she got signed by the one and only Big Loud which is the home of many established country singers today.

Big Louds Records is home to Ashland Craft, Chris Lane, Ernest, Lily Rose, Mason Ramsey, Morgan Wallen, Mackenzie Porter just to mention a few and the list goes on and on.

Taking to social media, Ashley Cooke expressed how happy she was to sign a recording deal with Big Loud who are a people she believes has her best interests in the music industry at heart and who knows what she needs as an artist.

She didn’t only sign a record deal, she also signed a publishing deal with Big Loud.

“So… I signed a record deal AND a publishing deal!!!!!!!

From the second I walked into Big Loud, it felt like home. They met me where I was, recognizing all I had built independently while also showing me how they could pour gasoline on the fire already started.

Getting to partner with not only BL but also my day 1 champion, Rakiyah Marshall/Back Blocks, is an absolute dream team and I couldn’t be more excited and confident to be joining the roster,” she shared in part.

Ashley Cooke is so excited, humbled and grateful to her fans who help her achieve this step in her music career, she won’t ever forget the love that fans have been showing her over the recent past.

She also took time to thank Big Loud and Back Blocks for believing in her as a person and as an artist who is ready to make more timeless music that will always resonate with us forever.

“To everyone: This changes nothing and it changes everything. I am so humbled to be taking you all on this journey with me. This is because of you – the people that commented, liked, venmo’d, watched live streams, showed up to shitty bar shows, bought merch, etc. from the fresh out of college girl in her parent’s guest room. Thank you. And thank you, Big Loud and Back Blocks, for believing in that girl and in the future to come.

Now let’s keep workin 🙃,” she concluded her social media post.

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