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Lily Rose gets emotional as she tells her parents about getting nominated for her first ACM Awards

Lily Rose was super excited sharing the good news of her getting nominated for her very first ACM Awards. Photo credit: Instagram/lilyrosemusic

Lily Rose was emotional as she shared the good news of finally getting nominated for her very first America Country Music Awards to her parents as the Best New Female Artist.

The ‘Villain’ hitmaker was so emotional as soon as she heard her mother’s voice on the other end of the line and after she told them about getting nominated in her very first ACM Awards nomination she subtly broke down overcome with emotions.

If you don’t know her story, you wouldn’t understand why she broke down speaking to her parents the way she did.

“I’m nominated for ACM Best New Female Artist, you’re my first call,” she told her mom through the phone who instantly became ecstatic after hearing the good news.

Lily Rose has never had anything handed down to her, ever, everything she’s done and accomplished is through her consistency, hard work, blood and tears, and sacrifices she has to make, and for her to see her getting acknowledged and appreciated like this is something that you can’t help it but just be happy for her.

Lily Rose who recently got her first GOLD courtesy of her timeless, hit song ‘Villain’ should be celebrated for always remaining true and constantly putting out music that is timeless, pure, and true.

Rose has only been active in the mainstream country music scene for a short time and she’s already having her name through her music speak volumes for her. I wonder what the country music would be with her in it a couple of years to come because she is a bonafide icon.

Congratulations are in order Lily Rose for your nomination, you deserve it wholeheartedly, others are right behind this one.

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