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Lily Rose’s ‘Villain’ is officially certified GOLD

Lily Rose is a winner and we can all see that, she’s a winner in life, she’s a winner in adversity and most importantly she’s a winner in her music.

Ever since she released her hit song dubbed ‘Villain’ a few months ago, she’s been able to take over the country music scene like a boss thanks to her beautiful, and catchy songs with ‘Villain’ being one of those songs.

The ‘Villain’ song instantly become an internet sensation, especially on TikTok where it grew bigger than itself which made Lily Rose blow up as an artist that we know today.

Once you got to listen to the ‘Villain’ song, you’d understand that the Country music arena had something new, and differently beautiful that we ought to embrace in this beautiful genre of ours.

Lily Rose made a whole lot of people fall in love with country music right after her ‘Villain’ record got released and spread like wild fire in almost every single one of your favorite radio stations you might know.

The same song made her father emotional when they got to listen to her song for the very first time on radio, I can’t tell you how beautiful and emotional it was to see father and daughter emotionally supporting each other because of a song.

In 11 months since he released her song ‘Villain’, it has officially be certified GOLD by the RIAA Awards after selling half a million copies.

Lily Rose was super grateful and happy to achieve such a milestone in her music career that she’s been a part of ever since she went mainstream thanks to her breakthrough song ‘Villain’.

“In under 11 months, “Villain” went gold. Half a million copies sold. This is a goal that I thought was a little farther down the road, so to already be celebrating is pretty nuts.

I’m told this is an extremely hard thing to accomplish, and that makes it that much sweeter. The 2021 Class of @riaa_awards certified artists is pretty insane. Humbled,” Lily Rose wrote in part on social media.

She went further to thanks her team for helping her achieve such a milestone in her music career who always have her back regardless of anything.

She also thanked her record label Republic Records and Big Loud for believing in her and working with her.

“This is the result of an outside the box concept I had, fantastic country songwriting by @mackcarpmusic and @kyleclarkmusic, and innovative production by @matthewmorrisey. Thank you @bigloud & @republicrecords for believing in my artist career beyond Villain, @ohcreative_pr for having me EVERYWHERE, and @kiyahmarie for taking a shot on me. Hopefully the first of many. Cheers y’all🍻,” she concluded her appreciation social media post.

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