Jimmie Allen drops wonderful song ‘This Is Us’ with Noah Cyrus

Jimmie Allen and Noah Cyrus's 'This Is Us' single marks their first successful project together. Photo credit: YouTube

Jimmie Allen has so far had one of the best years in the country music in 2020 and that’s not all, he also got to welcome a bouncing baby girl who is absolutely adorable with fiancee, Alexis Gale
Jimmie released his debut album, Mercury Lane, featuring his first hit single, ‘Best Shot’ in 2018. ‘This Is Us’ immediately follows Allen’s second career No. 1 single, ‘Make Me Want To’.

The ‘Best Shot’ hitmaker has released his latest song ‘This Is Us’ featuring pop singer, Noah Cyrus with the music video as directed by Dustin Haney, Allen compared some parts of the video to the hit series, Stranger Things.

Jimmie Allen welcomes baby with fiancée Alexis Gale, makes charts history as well

“The video has a compelling pull. The set is similar to Stranger Things when the character Eleven blindfolds herself and goes into the darkroom in her head, creating a world where she can see the person she’s thinking about.” Allen said in a recent interview he had with

adding, “When they watch the video, I hope it brings the person they love to mind. And if they love them, I hope they realize that love is always worth fighting for.”

Allen who more than anything would love to collaborate with Shania Twain was so much impressed with the music video for ‘This Is Us’ so much so that he was amazed by how enigmatic the video really is.

“After I saw the video for the first time, I was amazed at how simple yet complex it was. The question still remains: are the characters in the video really there with each other, or are they just meeting in a space in their minds? Or both?” he added.

The ‘This Is Us’ hit song is a song expected to be on Jimmie Allen’s next album which he hinted that he will be working with established musicians outside the country music genre with Matchbox Twenty’s lead singer, Rob Thomas, Fugees member Wyclef Jean, Keke Palmer, and gospel artist, Kelly Price being some of the names that he mentioned.

Watch the ‘This Is Us’ music video as performed by Jimmie Allen and Noah Cyrus below, feel free to stream the same underneath the video.

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2 thoughts on “Jimmie Allen drops wonderful song ‘This Is Us’ with Noah Cyrus”

  1. I can’t seem to get enough of this song. I believe it’s going to be timeless.
    I will still be listening to this with my grandchildren

  2. This is my favorite song of 2020 despite everything else is going on. I will remember in the next years to come that this song helped me get through my tribulations when I was quarantined. This is US is indeed a masterpiece

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