key things we now know from Kane Brown’s Amazon mini-documentary

Kane Brown who sold out the Staples Center on January 9th 2020 was tapped to commemorate the Los Angeles arena's 20th anniversary, had to postpone his Staples Center show which was originally scheduled for October 13th 2019 after his friend and official drummer, Kenny Dixon died after a car accident. Photo taken by Kevin Sullivan, Orange County Register/SCNG

If you are a keen follower and fan of Kane Brown, I bet there are a lot of things you didn’t know about him that you wished you knew, well, you aren’t alone and thanks to his sitdown mini-documentary that was done by Amazon Music via Velocity, you’ll get to know him more on a personal level.

First off Kane has really come from far and he deserves every prop there is to give about his music and how far he has come and his being prolific in the country music has paid off over the years.

Just like a handful of celebrities out there like Justin Beiber, Kane Brown became a household name overnight thanks to social media and he isn’t afraid to let the world know how social media established him to become who he is today in the country music scene.

The ‘Heaven’ hitmaker also made history by becoming the 11th country music superstar to successfully selling out Staples Center on the 20th anniversary of Staple Center since they opened their doors officially.

Just to rub in what an accomplishment it is to actually sell out Staples Center which is in Downtown Los Angeles just next to the Los Angeles Convention Center complex, the arena has a capacity of holding 20,000 revelers.

Kane Brown set to go on ‘The Worldwide Beautiful tour’ with Restless Road

And yes, Kane Brown sold the Staples Center in under 90 minutes joining Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Eric Church, George Strait, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain and Tim McGraw as one of 11 country stars to have sold out the arena in recent years.

Not bad for a young kid who had nothing but a dream to one day make it in the music industry.

From left to right: Sony Music Nashville Chairman & CEO Randy Goodman, EFG Management Owner Martha Earls(Kane Brown's manager), Kane Brown, ACM CEO Damon Whiteside. Photo Credit: Chase Hentges
From left to right: Sony Music Nashville Chairman & CEO Randy Goodman, EFG Management Owner Martha Earls(Kane Brown’s manager), Kane Brown, ACM CEO Damon Whiteside.
Photo Credit: Chase Hentges

The four-time American Music Awards winner performed hit songs like ‘Learning’, ‘Heaven’, ‘What Ifs’, ‘Lose It’, ‘Good As you’, previewed the already out hit record, ‘Take Me Home’ with the new music group that he recently signed, Restless Road. Brown also brought out Marshmello for their hit single ‘One Thing Right’.

Brown sat down with Amazon Music on their ‘Velocity’ segment prior to performing on a sold-out Staples Center to take about his journey where he opened up about a lot of stuff that most people, especially his millions of fans worldwide didn’t know already.

These are a few things that his interview with Amazon Music revealed.

Every member of his team is considered family

Kane Brown who is big on his family despite growing up without a dad is very close to his team member and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them and vice versa.

It really took a toll on him and his entire family who works with him close after they learned that his friend and his official drummer, Kenny Dixon, died after a car accident.

Kane Brown and his entire team usually dedicate every other performance to late Kenny Dixon who was his friend and drummer, Kenny died after a car accident last year. Photo Credit: Amazon music/YouTube's screenshot
Kane Brown and his entire team usually dedicate every other performance to late Kenny Dixon who was his friend and drummer, Kenny died after a car accident last year.
Photo Credit: Amazon music/YouTube’s screenshot

After learning the sad news about the sudden death of his drummer, Kane Brown postponed his Staples Center performance October which was originally the official date to January 9th, 2020 so that himself and his entire team could take time to mourn and pick themselves up again from a loss of their friend and a member of their team.

he got a new tattoo of his daughter’s name

Just like mentioned before, Kane Brown is big on family and his wife, Katelyn Rose Brown went on record to say that the singer didn’t miss any doctor’s appointment together with him, he was there all the way throughout her pregnancy.

“Having Kingsley makes me feel a little more grown-up. She’s my life.”

he said speaking on his daughter

Kane Brown who has a few tattoos on his skin had a new, fresh tattoo of his daughter’s name, Kingsley on his neck.

Kane Brown showing off his new fresh tattoo of his daughter's name, Kingsley on his neck that he recently had it done before his memorable show.<br /> Photo Credit: Amazon music/YouTube's screenshot
Kane Brown showing off his new fresh tattoo of his daughter’s name, Kingsley on his neck that he recently had it done before his memorable show.
Photo Credit: Amazon music/YouTube’s screenshot

his music came out of nowhere

Brown has been always truthful about his life especially when it comes to music.

It’s rather surprising to learn that the one and only Kane Brown didn’t see that he could make a career out of his talent, apparently, he only did music when he was bored and posted the videos of himself doing covers on Facebook just to grow his audience, he hoped for 20, 000 followers, he got more.

“music kinda came out of nowhere, like it was always in my life, I was always been singing, every time I was in the back in the middle school bus, I was always had headphones in singing to myself listening to different music.” the ‘Lose It’ hitmaker said in part.

His childhood friend, David Bliek said that he always saw Kane Brown singing all the time even when they were in middle school; “He always sing, ever since I’ve met him, I know did choir when he was in middle school, he’s always done music” David Bliek said in part.

“I was just messing around, I don’t even think that I was gonna try to get a career out of it, I was working two jobs, just trying to afford my truck and playing Xbox. When I was bored, I would just sing covers and put them on Facebook and Instagram hoping to get followers never thinking a record label would hit me up or anything.” Kane Brown added speaking back on how he started out.

adding; “For me, social media was huge, and I did study it a lot and trying to see how to go viral. I didn’t feel like any of it would work. Until one day, I went to sleep and when I woke up it had worked magically, I don’t know how.”

Kane Brown capitalized on his friends who knew him from High School since he went on 5 different High Schools, he relied on them to share his music on social media.

“… I went to five different High Schools too, so I had a lot of friends on Facebook and Instagram already, ”

Kane shared on how he believes he came to blow up on social media

He sold out his first-ever live performance

Brown’s manager, Martha Earls who revealed that Brown was gaining 20, 000 social media fans a day wasn’t so sure that his social media fans would show up to see him perform live since they were already used to him on social media, the show sold out in 20 minutes.

“… so the next the question is, are people willing to get out from behind their computer and come to a show and we didn’t know. The first show we did in Darlington, South Carolina. It was 725-person room, I’ll never forget, we put it on sale and it sold out in like 20 minutes.” Kane’s manager, Martha Earls added.

Kane Brown has a natural presence on stage

Kane Brown’s day to day manager, Nikki Boon added; “and it was like, everything was moving so quickly that we just had to kind of wear 15 different hats, and I remember the first time watching the show, he had such a natural stage presence and could connect with the fans so quickly.”

This clearly proves that Brown is a natural-performer born to entertain millions of fans

he’s grateful and appreciates his fans

After every single show, Kane would sit back and take pictures with every single person, and he was so grateful for each person that was there because he knew that those people being there is what’s making his career as his day to day manager, Nikki Boon nicely explains it.

Kane Brown has fans everywhere

Kane Brown sold out everywhere he played when he went to the country, his fans are literally everywhere.

It was at this time that he got to go on tour with Florida Georgia Line(FGL) on a tour where he got his first taste of performing to a crowd of over 20,000. Kane admits that he was scared playing for such big audience like that but maybe because he had only performed for just about 20 shows prior to that.

“I remember I was terrified, I think it was maybe like I had only done 20 shows probably. I was so terrified, I only had ‘I Used To Love You Sober’ that everybody really knew and any other song, I didn’t feel like anybody knew,” Kane Brown said.

Everybody wanted to see Kane even though he was performing at the beginning of the show on a tour which is rarely filled at that time.

Everybody was on their seats when Kane always performed because the fans wanted to see him do what he does best, give them a performance like no other that they can’t and won’t ever forget.

“I feel like God put me in that place so I could grow instead of just being thrown to the sharks. Then we got to go on tour with Jason Aldean, Chris Young and Brad Paisley and we just kept growing.” Brown said, adding, “now it would be harder for me to go to a club and play than it is to play like a bigger arena, I feel more comfortable. If you put me back in a club again now, I’d probably feel like a scared little kid again.”

a heart of Gold

Opening up about one incident, Brown’s longterm friend, David Bliek opened up on the day that Kane Brown showed his sweet side when they were in school a couple of years back.

“I had just transferred schools and I was eating alone, and he just came up to me and was like, ’Hey man, come eat with me. That is his definitely his personality from day one I knew, he is always willing to help somebody or reach out to somebody, I mean that’s just the way he was raised.” he said.

“KB is very wholesome. He is epitome of down south, country boy.”

CT Kutz said about KB’s personality.

“He’s just a good person you know what I mean, and I know now that we have a daughter, Kingsley he’s there every day, every night, when I was pregnant, he never missed a doctor’s apartment ” his wife added.

KB is impressive

Kane Brown did not only have a sold-out performance at the Staples Center, he sold it out in 90 minutes, I mean if that’s not impressive, I don’t know what impressive means then.

At this rate, there’s a high chance that Kane Brown could easily have a sold-out live performance at the LA Memorial Coliseum which has a total capacity of 78, 467 if he wants to because his fans absolutely adore him.

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