Here are the 3 things 2020 taught Lily Rose

Lily Rose. Photo credit: Instagram/lilyrosemusic, creativesouthern
Lily Rose. Photo credit: Instagram/lilyrosemusic, creativesouthern

Lily Rose ended her 2020 with a bang thanks to her releasing her hit song ‘Villain’ that helped position her as one of the best prospects of country music.

Lily Rose is the number one country musician that everyone in the genre is looking at thanks to her musical talent, her penmanship, and most importantly about her voice that has captured everyone else’s attention since we fell in love with her on Tik Tok.

Not everything has been rosy for Rose and her partner who she adores to the moon and back.

Lily opened up about how she started writing 4 songs a week at the beginning of 2020 and all surviving a tornado and sharing a home with her girlfriend.

Lily believes that after 2020, the new year, 2021 looks more promising more than ever despite all the trials and tribulations we had to go through in 2020 that saw us emerge victors at the end of the year.

“2020. Whew. Started with 4 writes a week, a couple part time jobs & living 2000 miles away from my girl. It ended with dreams coming true, my family still healthy and sharing a home (that survived a tornado) with the love of my life.” Lily Rose wrote in part.

“Yes, we had a massive natural disaster, a pandemic that shut down an industry we all work so hard to be in, and the recent explosion. Yes, we’ve seen our country more divided than it’s been in 150 years.

But I can’t help but feel that after 2020, we’re maybe making some progress. As excited as I am for 2021, 2020 is too important to just gloss over and hopefully forget forever.” she went on to say.

Lily Rose learned a few things in 2020 but the most important things that she learned in 2020, 3 things stood out for the talented musician with a blessing for a voice.

It’s actually inevitable that Lily Rose is about to own 2021 entirely and completely, all we got is time to see this premonition come true.

She listed them down and elaborated on the same rather thoroughly.

“I’d like to share the 3 most important things 2020 taught me:
1. Representation is really [expletive] important. I’m excited to be on that side of history as a community, industry, and a nation.
2. There is no luck. There is preparation intersecting with opportunity. If you are prepared when the opportunity arises, you should not fail.
3. Dinner tables were not built for fights. They were built for quality time with the ones you love. They were built for laughter. Hug people tighter, treat people kinder, and listen to people who have different opinions than you.” she went on.

Gushing subtly over her mother’s challenge of teaching them to always pick a word as the new begins, Lily Rose chose “learn,” as her word for the year 2021 because she wasn’t trying to learn anything at all but she was just surviving, literally.

Lily confessed that 2020 taught her mother than she could have ever asked for.

“My mom always gives us a challenge to have a “word” for the new year. A theme for the year, I guess.

My word for 2021 is “learn”… because when I wasn’t trying to learn (quite literally, I was just trying to survive), 2020 taught me more than I could have asked for.

Happy New Year, you guys. Thanks for giving me the best ending to an insane year.” she concluded.


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