Tim McGraw Waxes Lyrical About His Legendary Uncle Hank McGraw

Tim McGraw and his uncle Hank McGraw
Tim McGraw with his legendary uncle, Hank McGraw Photo credit: Instagram/thetimmcgraw

Tim McGraw spoke highly of his uncle, legendary baseball player Hank McGraw, as he celebrated his 78th birthday on January 26th.

Tim comes from a family of well-known baseball players, his father Tug McGraw, and his uncle Hank McGraw both made it to the baseball hall of fame.

Even though Tim’s father is well known MLB legend, the singer heaped praised on his uncle Hank talking about his work ethic that guided his illustrious sports career.

In his birthday message to Hank, Tim praised his ethos saying that his uncle was such a disciplined player that his principles came first before his baseball career.

The celebrated singer also revealed that uncle Hank taught his daughters by example on how equality matters in all spheres of life.

“Happy Birthday to our uncle Hank McGraw! One of the coolest dudes to ever walk the planet. He was a great athlete who put his principles first and his career second. Uncle Hank you have taught my daughters by example in how equality matters on all levels at all times… We love you and Happy 78th!!” Tim jotted down his birthday message to his uncle in a post on Instagram.

Apparently, Tim has been celebrating his uncle’s birthdays on social media over the past years, posting his pictures on his Instagram account and pouring his heart out to him.

Last year 2020, Tim shared a series of his uncle’s photos on Instagram as he celebrated his 77th birthday. The photos documented Hank’s life over years since his teenage while he was playing for New York Mets.

Tim’s uncle has had an interesting story that includes a fair amount of barrier-breaking along the way. He was signed as an amateur to New York Mets and went on to leave a lasting impact on the league.

Just like Tim spoke highly of his character, Hank distinguished himself as a free spirit that didn’t always fit in with the sports world, he openly protested segregation in the league.

Hank’s free-spirited personality saw him drifting into a series of various jobs, including music after he quit baseball having being a player and a coach.

Hank has been instrumental in Tim’s music career growth, offering him inspiration and moral support throughout his successful music career. He has also gone on several music tours with his nephew.

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