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Fans are asking for Kenny Chesney’s ‘Get Along’ song to be played more on radio, especially now

Kenny Chesney released 'Get Along' hit song in 2018 and fans believe it should be on heavy rotation especially now more than ever. Photo credit: Instagram/kennychesney

Kenny Chesney doesn’t need any introductions whatsoever when it comes to Country music one bit.

Chesney who has a body of a god has a lot of awards and accolades that he has accumulated over the years thanks to his always-entertaining and timeless music which never seems to get old one bit.

The eight-time Entertainer of the Year award winner has over 30 No.1 hit songs with some of the hit songs being ‘Get Along’ which is as timeless as most of his songs, if not all of his songs.

Fans have been playing the ‘Get Along’ song which champions and advocates for humanity living together in peace, harmony, and understanding one another and that’s what the world needs right now, getting along and loving one another without prejudice.

The ‘Get Along’ song which was co-written by Josh Osborne, Ross Copperman, and Shane L McAnally and released back in 2018 has made a lot of fans open up about how the song has touched their souls enough times than they could count and help them go through these trying times of the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.

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The lyrics on the ‘Get Along’ song and the delivery of Kenny Chesney on the same is what is making people wanting this song to be played numerous times on radio stations because it talks about the inevitable love that everybody should have for one another, especially now more than ever.

Here’s some of the lyrics of ‘Get Along’ that make this song a perfect song right now that we are currently going through hard and trying times.

We find out when you die the keys to heaven can’t be bought
We still don’t know what love is but we sure know what it’s not
Sometimes you got
To get along, on down the road
We’ve got a long long way to go
Scared to live, scared to die
We ain’t perfect but we try
Get along while we can
Always give love the upper hand
Paint a wall, learn to dance
Call your mom, buy a boat
Drink a beer, sing a song
Make a friend, can’t we all get along

As much as this song was released two years ago, it resonates and hits home today as if it was released yesterday and some people on platforms like YouTube are talking about how it should be played on heavy rotation across the nation right about now, and they are right.

Below are just a few comments that we found on YouTube out of so many others that were positively impacted by the song in the past few weeks alone.

Some reactions from YouTube users alone

“We need this song so much in these times thank you, Kenny, for writing this song a couple of years ago for we truly needed this song”

“I think everyone in every nation should hear this song and think of the peace this song promotes. I think this song is amazing. I love this song a lot.”

“as a black man that loves country music, I think this needs to be heard loud right now”

“Saw the news earlier and remembered this song. Thank you for making this, the message is so true”

“Been singing this a lot lately! I need to ask as a black woman it’s hard. Can’t we all just get along!!”

“This is literally what we need to be doing now, love you my man!! <3 from the UK <3”


If you haven’t listened and/or streamed the song just yet, you can watch and stream it below. Even if you have played it before, I implore you to listen to it again,

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