Restless Road is back! only this time under Kane Brown’s mentorship

From left to right: Garrett Nichols, Zach Beeken and Colton Pack are the official members of the Restless Road, a country band signed under Kane Brown. They can't wait to share their new music come February 27th. Credit: Instagram/restlessroad

Restless Road which comprises Colton Pack, Zach Beeken and Garrett Nichols have been through so much over the years and because everything happens for a reason, they are back together only this time with an aim of total dominance in the country realm.

Restless Road originally had Andrew Scholz as a part of the group when they eliminated at the 4th place on season 3 of The X Factor USA with Simon Cowell being their mentor.

Garrett Nichols has since replaced Andrew Scholz on the group.

“Restless Road is back!!!, 2020 is about to be a crazy year!”

1/3 member of the group, Colton Pack shared on social media.

Kane Brown, their new mentor who just signed them has since worked on a new song with the trio expected to be on their new EP ‘Restless Road’ which is self-titled expected on the 27th of February.

“Go follow the new band I just signed and watch the documentary on their Instagram about how they got started and how we know each other,” Kane Brown said in part as he shared the great news on his Instagram account, adding; “also they have a new EP coming out with one song featuring me. So if you are excited for new music, get ready, February 27th!.”

Their debut EP that’s expected on the 27th of February has four songs with one feature coming from their mentor, Kane Brown.

1. One Step Ahead
2. Take Me Home featuring Kane Brown
3. All The Girls
4. It Ain’t Easy

You can pre-save the project on Spotify as well.

Watch the short and precise documentary that the boy-band group shared to talk about their journey together that has landed them here today.


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3 thoughts on “Restless Road is back! only this time under Kane Brown’s mentorship”

  1. I have always been a fan of the Restless Road. I know we are sure bound to have some of the best songs yet now that they ar under the mentorship of Kane Brown.
    Just one more day until their EP drops, I am excited as I can ever be.

    1. I wouldn’t agree more, also been a fan ever since their X Factor days years back. 2020 is indeed full of surprises.

      My second favorite band is back together, what a year to be alive.

  2. I can’t wait to listen to their new project that is expected tomorrow, my 2020 just got better thanks to the unforeseen reunion of the Restless Road.

    Thank you Kane for this.

    And yes Colton, 2020 is going to be a crazy year alright!

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