comedian Josh Pray praises Tyler Childers, gives him all the praises he could think of

Josh Pray honestly believes that Tyler Childers is one of the best of the best if not the best Country musician out there, he says there won't be any Country music without Childers.

Comedian Josh Pray has finally found some new found love in country music thanks to Tyler Childers who according to him is the best storyteller he has ever listened to.

Josh Pray has made a name for himself over the years on social media talking about anything and everything but throughout his prior videos, he has never talked about any musician with such zeal, enthusiasm and praises the way he talked about the Kentucky native, Tyler Childers.

Josh Pray must have listened to Tyler Childer’s ‘Hard Time’ single that got him hyped up the way he was because that song has a powerful effect on people who loves listening to good, quality music regardless of their favorite genre.

“…Tyler Childers is the best I’ve ever heard,”

Josh Pray said in part.

Josh Pray believes that Tyler Childers is currently holding the entire country music with his hand and also went on record saying that the country music wouldn’t be nothing without Tyler Childers who he referred to as “Tyler Child-ers” without knowing, at least he was apologetic for not pronouncing the country singer’s name correctly.

Josh Pray already did his own investigations and found out what makes a good country music and clearly, he seems to have gotten the hang of it, at least.

So according to the comedian, any and almost every country musicians out there has to have some elements that make them stand out as country musicians.

The comedian even came prepared having written down the key elements he was basing his case on.

Josh Pray believes that every country musician ought to have Cowboy boots, a twang, talent, can play at least an instrument, a guitar preferably, of course, they got to have the looks and most importantly, they need to be good at storytelling and thanks to his in-depth research, Pray has come to learn that Tyler Childers possesses all the qualities he was looking for that makes country musicians great even though he doesn’t wear cowboy boots.

“If you want somebody to tell you what will happen if you evade your taxes, Tyler can do it in a song that makes you not only feel proud but make you feel guilty, make you wanna go do the right thing,” comedian Josh Pray said, adding, “Tyler, if country music had a Mount Rushmore, you wouldn’t be on the Mount Rushmore, you would be the stone that all the faces get made of because, without you, country music would be… nothing.”

There’s no doubt that Josh Pray has been made a true believer of country music thanks to Tyler Childers.

Josh has even got the chance of listening to Cody Jinks, Aaron Watson, Luke Combs, Cody Johnson, Texas country, who he discovered recently but clearly none of them holds a candle to Tyler Childers, at least according to Josh Pray.



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