Jimmie Allen challenges everyone to love each other

Jimmie Allen has expressed his fear of raising his son during these trying times. Photo credit: Instagram/jimmieallen

Jimmie Allen has come forward to voice his opinion and where he stands after the entire country is currently talking about the passing of one George Floyd who died in the hands of the police in Minneapolis.

George Floyd’s death has sparked a nationwide uproar which has caused a lot of protest across some States and the ‘Make Me Want To’ hitmaker has taken to social media to voice his opinion.

“It’s our job as humans to point out the negative treatment of people. It doesn’t matter if they look like us or not or if treatment of them directly affects us or not.” Jimmie Allen shared, “If we see it and it doesn’t bother us, we need to check out hearts.”

The father of two children opened up about his concerns of being black and raising a black boy and urges everyone to love each other as hard as possible so much so that there’s no space left for any hate whatsoever.

“The continued non value of life toward black men in America concerns me. As a black man and a father raising a black boy I’m worried. The uncertainty of his safety turns my stomach.”

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“I challenge everyone to love each other and let out hearts speak louder than the injustice. Love so hard that it suffocates the hate.”

Just like Jimmie Allen has opened up about the current situation in the country, Fellow country musicians have spoken out against discrimination and against racism since we are all one.

Award-winning pop and country musicians and songwriters, Dan + Shay has also released a statement asking for all people to come together and forget about racism, and discrimination.

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