Kelsea Ballerini Moves To Establish ‘Personal Boundaries’ On Social Media

Kelsea Ballerini. Photo credit: Piper Ferguson
Kelsea Ballerini. Photo credit: Piper Ferguson

Kelsea Ballerini has decided to rein in social media users who snoop around her Instagram account and leave a comment or two.

Ballerini has disabled the comment feature on her Instagram account, the move was meant to shield her from negative comments from critics.

Speaking during an interview on the Bobby Bones Show on Monday February 8th, the sultry Country singer explained she is a very sensitive person and that her decision to disable the comment feature is only meant to protect her.

“I’m super sensitive. And I think that’s a good thing. For a long time, I was reading all the comments, and I would obviously love the good ones, but I would find the bad ones and they would just hurt my feelings. I didn’t want to get to a point where I was not posting and not sharing my life because I really like to be that person that’s an oversharer,” said Ballerini.

Adding that;

“I think it’s relatable and girls need to see that. It’s either me not sharing or me sharing and not caring about what people say. And so I just turned them off.”

Ballerini had indicated in the beginning of the year that she would put up some personal boundaries, as part of her new year resolution.

“My word of 2021 is ‘healthy’. I want to nurture and focus on my physical, mental, and emotional health that all took a bit of a backseat last year (anyone else?). Having a word for the year helps me stay focused and keeps my intentions set while I try to live a full life, stay creative, and be productive. I’m soooo interested to know what your word/intentions are for what’s bound to be a better year?! 🤍✨,” wrote Ballerini.

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