Josh Pray reacts to Eric Church’s ‘Like A Wrecking Ball’ song

Ever since Josh Pray discovered Country music, the positive-inclusive comedian can't seem to get enough of the genre. Photo credit: Instagram/joshpray
Ever since Josh Pray discovered Country music, the positive-inclusive comedian can't seem to get enough of the genre. Photo credit: Instagram/joshpray

Josh Pray is at it again and this time around is very much impressed by the 2014 Eric Church’s masterpiece song ‘Like A Wrecking Ball’ hit song.

Josh Pray is an interesting person when it boils down to stating his genuine reasons why he loves Country music to begin with.

Being a social media influencer and a comedian, you are always sure to get a good belly laugh every other time he talks about his love for country music.

Pray has already done a video expressing why he is so much in love with Tyler Childers and why his love for Carrie Underwood will never be questioned.

This time around, the ever-vibrant, always-positive Josh Pray has some interesting things to say about Eric Church who he just recently discovered on his journey of discovering country musicians.

Through a recommendation given to him by some of his fans, Josh Pray got to listen to Eric Church’s hit song, ‘Wrecking Ball’ and after listening to the song, he was blown away by Church’s lyrical prowess, powerful vocal, and most importantly his ability to tell a story through his music.

Comedian Josh Pray praises Tyler Childers, gives him all the praises he could think of

There’s no shadow of a doubt that Josh Pray is an ardent and keen follower of Eric Church after he streamed ‘Like A Wrecking Ball’ song.

“I don’t care what genre of music you listen to, I don’t care if you love rap, I don’t care if you love heavy metal, I don’t care if you listen to reggae, listen to Eric Church’s ‘Wrecking Ball’,” Josh Pray said in part.

“The man sang this song with so much soul that am telling you right now that my soul was half defeated like my cup was half empty.” he continued.

Josh Pray was so impressed that he even told his son to be Eric Church’s voice in the ‘Wrecking Ball’ song after his son asked him what he’d liked to be when he grows up.

“Eric Church listen man, you sang with so much soul, so much passion, it’s so much smooth my child asked me, daddy, what would you want me to be when I grow up? I said I want you to be Eric Church’s voice. He said, daddy, how can I be somebody’s voice? I said I don’t know, but you need to learn how to be Eric Church’s voice in ‘Wrecking Ball’.”

Pray also offered a free advice to the entire country music universe about Eric Church and how we should treasure him, lest other musicians from other genres learn about him and his powerful voice.

“Country music, I need y’all to grab Eric Church and never let him go coz am telling you right now, if these RnB people, if these rap people get wind of Eric Church and the damage he’s doing on songs, he’s gonna be gone and when I say gone, [imitating Eric Church’s voice]gone forever like a wrecking ball.”

Eric Church is one of the many gifted, multi-talented country musicians we have today, and thanks to Josh Pray reminding us that fact, he might have reached god status in Pray’s eyes.

Listen to ‘Like A Wrecking Ball’ hit song from his ‘The Outsiders’ studio album as written by Eric Church and Casey Beathard and performed by Eric Church.






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