Josh Pray is so head over heels for Carrie Underwood

Josh Pray has since confessed that Carrie Underwood is his favorite country musician. Photo credit: Instagram/joshpray

Josh Pray has since become a fan of Country music thanks to a couple of established country musicians who blew his mind away with one of them being Tyler Childers.

The comedian and internet sensation seems to have vowed to never leave the love he currently has for Country music and talented musicians behind.

The comedian had nothing but more praises to the one and only, beautiful, multi-talented, gifted, accomplished Author, and an established Country singer who keeps on making the Country music’s fanbase grow exponentially not only across all the States in the country but across the globe, Carrie Underwood.

Josh Pray who has since taken time to listen to other Country musicians so far can’t believe how beautiful Carrie Underwood is and took to social media, on Carrie Underwood’s birthday(March 10th) to celebrate her, he basically summed her up to be a god living amongst us mere mortals.

As it so happens, Carrie Underwood is Josh Pray’s favorite country singer thus far.

“… the last time I saw Carrie Underwood was it was live and in person. I saw you[sic] at the CMAs when I had the opportunity to be at the red carpet, and you was there, looking all pregnant and perfect and plump and perfect and pregnant and plump, and today it’s your 21st birthday baby. You don’t look a day over 19, ” Josh Pray said in part on the 3-minute long clip he dedicated to Carrie Underwood.

comedian Josh Pray praises Tyler Childers, gives him all the praises he could think of

Carrie Underwood who rose to fame as the winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005 clearly has some good genes to pass for a 21-year old goddess easily, she’s actually 37 years old as of 2020.

This is the third Carrie Underwood video Josh Pray –who once called Carrie Underwood the “White Beyonce”– is currently doing, his first one was back on November 18, 2017, and on July 18, 2018, was his second one where he still had nothing but praise to the celebrated, internationally-acclaimed Country musician.

Since today is a Throwback Thursday, we thought it was perfect time to remember how Josh Pray had everything but nice things to say about Carrie Underwood on his 3-minute long clip from the start to the finish, and from the way his eyes lit up and the enthusiasm Pray showed when talking about the hitmaker of ‘The Champion’ you will understand why Underwood is his favorite country singer today.

Watch the clip of Josh Pray did last year showering Carrie Underwood with praise, praise and more praise below.


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