Watch the official music video for Lily Rose’s hit song ‘Villain’

Lily Rose. Photo credit: Instagram/creativesouthern
Lily Rose. Photo credit: Instagram/creativesouthern

Lily Rose who is a proud member of the LGBTQ is about to capture the attention of everybody who appreciates and knows how to separate good music from bad.

It’s inevitable the newcomer, Lily Rose is going to be the new breakout star of 2021 and win lots of awards and accolades.

Her music speaks for itself, her voice captivates and more importantly, her lyrics resonate with the listener.

She might have made a name for herself thanks to TikTok but she’s about to make a name for herself on the global scale with her hit songs with ‘Villain’ being among them.

It’s only a matter of time before she sells out arenas and stadiums just the way Kane Brown did: if your memory serves your right, even Kane Brown started out on social media, on Facebook to be precise, and now look at where he is.

Lily Rose is 2021 vibes and 2021 vibes is Lily Rose, there’s no arguments here if you believe Rose is about to take over the country music scene in unprecedented fashion.
Here’s the catchy first verse of her hit song ‘Villain’:

“Yeah I’ve heard ‘em say / I never loved you / Found someone new / Gave up to soon / But that’s half the truth / One point of view / You can be the hero / I can take the fall / If that’s how your story goes / Say it’s all my fault / Whatever helps you sleep at night / Yeah, you can make me the bad guy / Make them all believe it / If that’s how you’re feeling / I can be the villain”

With songs like these in her music catalog, it’s a safe bet to say the country music scene is more than happy and ready to have her as the new breakout star of 2021.

You knew all about her thanks to her TikTok videos and performing her hit song ‘Villain’ song over and over again on the platform.

Well, she went on ahead and recorded the song just for you and me, and it’s nothing short of fireworks.

Watch and/or stream her latest song ‘Villain’ as performed by Lily Rose:

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