Dan + Shay breaks social media silence to talk about George Floyd’s issue, calls for unity above anything else

Dan + Shay( Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney) have broken social media silence and talked about George Floyd and their upcoming unreleased project. Photo credit:Instagram/danandshay

Dan + Shay which comprises of the super talented vocalists and songwriters Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney with three albums; Where It All Began, Obsessed, and Dan + Shay under their belt has chimed in on the now-national concern after the passing of George Floyd.

Dan + Shay who has one of the hottest, unforgettable and beautiful songs out right now dubbed ‘10000 Hours’ with Justin Bieber took their time to address what everybody is talking about right now, the sudden, sad death of George Floyd.

…This is not the first time this has happened, but by God, please let it be the last.

an excerpt from Dan + Shay’s official statement

The award-winning duo through their lengthy social media post to their lovely fans across the globe sent their apologies for not being able to entertain their fans during these trying times and also reiterated on a project that they are sure their fans would love.

“It has been quite difficult to remove ourselves from social media for the last few months,” Dan + Shay’s statement read in part, “and we intend to stay inactive for a little bit longer, as we put the finishing touches on what we think is our best work yet, but this past week’s event in Minneapolis changed that.”

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“When the news story began to break, so did our hearts. In fact, they shattered. For the family of George Floyd, and for the black community as a whole. This is not the first time this has happened, but by God, please let it be the last.” the statement went on.

Above anything else, Dan + Shay who has finally broken social media silence also opened up about the importance of all humankind to love one another and look beyond skin color and try to teach our kids to love and treat each and every other person in the world with dignity and to always look past the skin color.

“It is truly devastating to think that someone could carry so much hate. We, as humans, MUST come together to make a change. Racism and discrimination because of someone’s skin color is simply just WRONG. Politics and all other bs aside, we all have a giant responsibility to eliminate this issue which has plagued our country for far too long.”

“We understand that our social media net may not be as wide as others, but we post this in hopes that we inspire someone, to speak up too. And at the end of the day, we can type novels, share stories, and promote activism on the internet, but this starts in the home.”

“We must educate our children, and instill values of love and equality. We are all born innocent, and racism is something that is learned. Let’s work together, NOW, to make a change. Please use your voice.”



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